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Kurve Loafers - Black
Kurve Loafers - Black
Kurve Loafers - Black
Kurve Loafers - Black
Kurve Loafers - Black
Kurve Loafers - Black
Kurve Loafers - Black

Kurve Loafers



Product Info

A new trial style that breaks through the imagination of The Korner. Kurve is an unprecedented round head style. Compared with the series of more feminine and pointed heads in the past, this round head brings a heavier sense of retro and no inner design. It makes the shoe body softer and more intimate, and feels the nakedness of the foot more intimately. The tailoring that is deliberately left uncured makes the shoe more integrated. With the full leather production and solid wood shoes, although the visual is relatively simple, you will find it when you wear it. Very comfortable.

Product Details

Full leather design: The design without lining is lighter and thinner, suitable for summer wear, and the V-shaped shoe mouth simplifies the process of wearing shoes.

Retro and simple: The Korner. Shoes have always been more modern and modern. This time, the retro design allows customers to have one more choice.

Solid wood heel: The solid wood shoe can prolong the wear life of the heel, and it is visually natural, and it is safer and more comfortable to wear.

Round toe cap: The first research and development of the new design, neutral and good enough to line, mainly for customers who like to wear long gowns/skirts. P>

Black: The all black design is super stylish, with a girlish atmosphere, more connotation and monologue.
Brown: Retro flavor is the heaviest, even with a Zen flavor. It is easy to match those who like to wear long gowns.
Gray: A modern style, retro but modern, the color that matches the solid wood sole.
White: The white heel with wood accents has a fairy-tale world feel. It combines fantasy and casualness. You will love all-white sneakers you are used to.
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