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Karl Zip Boots - Beige
Karl Zip Boots - Beige
Karl Zip Boots - Beige
Karl Zip Boots - Beige
Karl Zip Boots - Beige
Karl Zip Boots - Beige

Karl Zip Boots



Product Info

Karl Zip brought out the theme of a pair of shoes from a zipper, which is a sense of luxury. After consideration, the team decided to put the zipper on the back of the shoe to increase the level of the shoe. Coupled with giant square-toed shoes, every step also exudes a gorgeous momentum. .

Product Details

Square toe design: The square toe design is accompanied by simple zippers. The first impression is that it is gorgeous and personal. Although it is still relatively young visually, it is because the lines are relatively square. , Helps increase the sense of maturity.
4cm square heel: This square heel is also one of the key points of the design. The very imposing 4 cm high heel exudes a unique temperament, allowing girls to find their own every step Pace, experiment with Korner Girls who are loyal to their values.
Plant leather: Compared with traditional leather, the biggest difference of plant leather is that it is more breathable. You can feel it when you wear flat shoes, but you can feel it when you wear heavy boots. A breathable Winter boots are really more important than appearance.
Plastic tube position: Many girls also have concerns about the tube position, because too narrow not only affects the wearing experience, but also makes the shoe tube position too wide and unsightly. To solve this problem , We deliberately added the elastic function, so that the flexible shoe tube becomes the advantage of thinness.

Black: Smooth leather black, classic and stylish. Brown: It is stylish and unique with a touch of Korean color and retro feel. White: Dreamy and clean white, stylish to retain a sense of purity. Normal sizingt

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