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Kroco Suede Loafers - Tan
Kroco Suede Loafers - Tan
Kroco Suede Loafers - Tan
Kroco Suede Loafers - Tan
Kroco Suede Loafers - Tan
Kroco Suede Loafers - Tan

Kroco Suede Loafers


$55.00 $78.00

Product Info

Kroco Suede is a product that is overwhelmingly triumphant with texture. At a glance, there are not many details, but because of the use of high-quality smooth suede, the consistency of the whole excellent shoes is improved. The appearance of expensive goods.

This glamour does not represent appropriate elegance. The girl wearing these shoes is like a book, elegant in appearance but full of connotation.

Product Details

High-quality photosensitive surface effect; Don’t think that you can be lazy because you don’t have a detailed design. You want to show the feeling from a single color. In fact, it’s more effort. This time the glossy effect is so full. It's not easy, it can only be achieved by selecting the best materials.
Simple matching colors; Don’t deliberately complicate the gentle style. This time we have worked hard on the color selection. In order to present the noble texture, we chose the four most pleasing colors. The whole design will not be too noisy, bringing out a gentle personality.
1.5-2cm high heel; In order to avoid exaggeration, Kroco suede's team decided to adopt a slight high heel effect, with a shallow heel height to bring out the approachable temperament of the shoes.
Comfortable edging design; Leather edging on the shoe barrel. Increase the design level, otherwise it will be too monotonous and will not be noble.
Royal Blue; This Royal Blue may not be the first taste of all girls, but this relatively neutral blue can actually bring out the strong and professional side of women, full of royal family The feeling is a symbol of power.
Dark gray; The balance between black and white is dark gray. You don’t have to make a choice if you like to be more melancholic, just choose gray.
Light khaki; The light khaki belongs to the earth tone. The four colors are a little lighter and have a strong autumn and winter feeling.
Dark brown; More mature and stable feeling, suitable for you who don’t want to take risks and love low-key.