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Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab x The Korner


主理人Samantha Lam 大學主修地理與資源管理,喜愛植物,深信''Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature''。

多年來向台灣,韓國,英國,法國、比利時等多間國際知名花藝學校及花藝師進修花藝;主理Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab的同時為多間國際品牌的提供花藝設計服務。

Bloomming Heels

Bloomming Heels

與本地花藝品牌 Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab 聯乘的第一個款式是女生大愛的高跟鞋,




Blooming Loafers

Blooming Loafers



鞋面飾扣選用由 Make Your Choicesss Floral Lab 自家設計的花卉絹布蝴蝶結設計,


The Korner X Banananaxx

Blissful Sandals

Blissful Sandals






Blissful Knit Boot

Blissful Knit Boot



5cm 厚底設計讓你在步行時感到自信和穩定。



The Korner and Kay (Angela Tse)

The managed brand Kaytiquette collaborates for the first time,

Launched three distinctive classic shoes that emphasize silhouette and texture.

Including casual and elegant Kay Loafers,

Classic and lovely Kakaball Mary Jane

Karina Chelsea Boots with style and elegance.

All three shoes are made of environmentally friendly leather.

Continuing Kaytiquette&The Korner’s green fashionism.

A hidden "Double K" pattern hollow pattern is added to the upper.

Both brands hope to work together to design a series of unique and good shoes.

Accompany everyone to explore the world together,

Feel every ounce of joy, sadness and love,

A unique story on each journey.


KakaBall Mary Jane

KakaBall Mary Jane

Kakaball Mary Jane specially designed the hidden

"Double K" pattern hollow pattern, which not only enhances the beauty,

< p>To further highlight the sincerity of the joint venture, the "K" in both brand names of "Kaytiquette" and "The Korner" is added.

In addition, the soles of these shoes are equipped with comfortable and thickened insoles, which further improves the wearing experience. Girls can buy them without any worries.

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Kay Loafers

Kay Loafers

Collaborating with Kaytiquette to launch Loafers made of soft linen,

Added "Kaytiquette" and "The Korner" "Double K" embroidery,

Add a touch of palace magnificence to the comfortable and classic design.

The inner lining is made of ultra-soft, environmentally friendly leather to make the shoe more skin-friendly and avoid friction with the foot skin. , it feels extremely comfortable to wear.

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Karina Chelsea Boot

Karina Chelsea Boot

In this collaboration, we have added the classic Wingtip design to the popular boots,

A pair of short boots full of details that are indispensable for autumn and winter.

The Wingtip hollow pattern adds a hidden "double K" design,

In addition to strengthening the aesthetic elements, it also highlights the connection With sincerity,

choose high-quality environmentally friendly leather, which is fashionable and also contributes to environmental protection.

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The Korner x Storeroom Collab

Beautiful Mary Jane

Beautiful Mary Jane

"Thick sole" and "Mary Jane" must be the popular keywords this season!

This time the collaboration shoes with Storerooms incorporate Storerooms’ unique “texture play” elements,

The classic Mary Jane combined with the popular thick-soled shoes is eye-catching.

Moreover, the sole design is made of lightweight materials, which will not cause the burden on the feet that often occurs with thick-soled shoes. It is more considerate than the thick-soled shoes in the market.

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Beautiful Loafers

Beautiful Loafers

I believe that Loafers are a must-have shoe for every girl. They are versatile, easy to wear and can accompany you in different situations.

In this collaboration with Storerooms, The Korner got new inspiration and designed a Loafers that is a little fun yet stylish.

The thick straps on the upper enrich the visual effect. From a distance, you may think they are a pair of ordinary Loafers,

If you take a closer look, you will notice the small ingenuity of this collaboration, which is suitable for you who are different!

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