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Kenni Heel Loafers - Beige (BEI)
Kenni Heel Loafers - Beige (BEI)
Kenni Heel Loafers - Beige (BEI)
Kenni Heel Loafers - Beige (BEI)
Kenni Heel Loafers - Beige (BEI)

Kenni Heel Loafers

Beige (BEI)

$26.00 $77.00

This style is available in whole sizes only. In between sizes? we recommend you size up.


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Product Info

As the representative of the professional image of the Kenni series, this autumn and winter will bring you a new Kenni Loafers Heel style with medium and high heels, continuing the noble professional image.

Square heels: Kenni models are familiar to everyone, and the Kenni Loafers Heels were born out of market feedback. Although high heels have important details of the effect of heightening and slimming, they may suffer from discomfort. In order to overcome this major drawback, we hereby introduce a square high-heeled version, which is extremely stable and pursues the highest comfort. Rewrite the traditional concept of "high heels must be difficult to wear". .

Heel Cushion: To be comfortable, be sure to show ingenuity in the details. The heel is one of the most snug places with the feet, and adding Cushion can give you more confidence in the anti-scratch effect.

Wide and unified shoe body: Some brands deliberately create a visual effect of slender feet, ignoring the discomfort caused by the narrowness of the customer. In fact, the ideal should be a balance between the two. The wide shoe body can also rely on other details to complement the lack of, good-looking, But the most important thing is to be comfortable enough.

Extra Long Tongue: Longer, Shorter, Is there a Difference? Yes, people with long tongue spears feel more stylish, and feel more solemn than short tongues. In the case of days at work or attending a meeting, it is all about the same.

Product Details

Material:: Eco-friendly leather

Code count:34 - 42 (one size larger)

Heel: 4cm

Beige:Beige is the most popular choice in the lightest color, and the leather surface is easy to clean, which is really the preferred choice.

Elephant Grey:Moderate and gorgeous elephant gray, stylish and stylish.

Brown:>Standing colors, with a retro feel.

Wine red:The choice of winter is the color that nobles love.

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