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Kozy Espadrilles - Black (BLK)
Kozy Espadrilles - Black (BLK)
Kozy Espadrilles - Black (BLK)
Kozy Espadrilles - Black (BLK)
Kozy Espadrilles - Black (BLK)

Kozy Espadrilles

Black (BLK)

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Product desciption

After the round-toed shoes were launched last time, this time we will bring you a fresh feeling and launch the summer must-have straw sandals Kozy! Crafted in a minimalist design with warm tones, it's versatile enough for all summer looks.

Product Details

The comfort effect of sneakers: The common problem of straw sandals is that the soles are hard and thick, and the comfort of wearing them is actually not as smooth as imagined. However, in order to solve this problem, Kozy specially made sneakers soles with imitation grass edges to create a sneaker experience, straw sandals. visual.

Triple Thick Pad: Comfort is our proposition. Since we are determined to make the most comfortable straw shoes on the market, we have specially matched the three-fold thick pad, and the soft and cooked feeling is super comfortable, just like stepping on cotton candy.

Warm colors: Five-color supply, warm and warm tones, which are pleasing to the eye, all are easy to match colors, whether it is suitable for jeans or skirts.

Smooth upper:The minimalist design is paired with a smooth leather upper, and the consistency is high enough to effectively bring out the advanced texture, which can be handled in any occasion.

Matte Black: A must for black lovers, the easiest to clean.

Milky white:Girls prefer light-colored clothes in summer, with white straw sandals, which is super holiday-like.

milk tea: The favorite color matching of first-line brands, the most cost-effective.

dark grey: Elephant ash is high-end and mature.

light grey: If you feel that black and white are too extreme, light gray is a good choice for the middle.

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