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Kara Sandals - Tan (TAN)
Kara Sandals - Tan (TAN)
Kara Sandals - Tan (TAN)
Kara Sandals - Tan (TAN)
Kara Sandals - Tan (TAN)

Kara Sandals

Tan (TAN)

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Product Info

The bag heel style provides higher protection, but also avoids the exposure of the feet to catch the cold, slightly adding to the grand feeling, and it is also suitable for any occasion. With the limited tassel piece, you can wear two in one shoe!

Product Details

height of heel: 3.5cm (cm) high

Code count:34 - 42 (normal size)

Diamond Heel:

The diamond-shaped shoes, which are well-received by the big wok, are one of the most popular details in the public opinion. They are more stable than other shapes of heels, and the rounded corners are more unique.

Vegetable Leather:

It is made of super-soft fibers made of plants, but it is also made of leather-like pores. It is a more humane choice, but it is more breathable.

Comfortable Thick Cushion:

A symbol of comfort like a brand logo, we never agree that a beautiful shoe is uncomfortable, and a thick cushion is a must for almost every shoe.

T-belt design:

In addition to being good-looking, the most important thing about slippers is to consider whether there will be flying off when wearing them and walking. The T-belt can make the feet more stable in the shoes.


Different from ordinary black, Kara's all-black feel is cold and sexy, and it is not only suitable for work.


White slippers can be worn anytime and anywhere, and the level of versatility is the highest in three colors.

Light apricot:

The feeling close to the earth color is the color that brings a sense of security to girls.

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