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Karol Knit - Black (BLK)
Karol Knit - Black (BLK)
Karol Knit - Black (BLK)
Karol Knit - Black (BLK)
Karol Knit - Black (BLK)

Karol Knit

Black (BLK)

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Karol 款的新變奏。繼上一代 Karol 麻質大獲好評後,我們沿用利用創新物料的方法繼續為 Korner Girls 帶來驚喜。

This style is available in whole sizes only. In between sizes? we recommend you size up.


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Product Info

A new variation of the Karol model. Following the rave reviews of the previous generation of Karol hemp, we continue to surprise the Korner Girls using innovative materials.

The new Karol Knit has a number of new highlights, including the classic Mary Jane shoe shape, which is one of girls' favorite evergreen shoes.

The most special place is that Karol Knit abandons the materials commonly used in general shoes, and innovatively uses soft knitting as the main material, so that the overall shoe body can be averaged between elasticity and non-deformation.

Product Details

height of heel:3.5 cm (centimeter) high

Code count:34 - 42 (one size larger)

Pastel shades:

There are a total of five colors, including avocado green, light apricot, cream white, dark pink, black and earth tones, all of which are fresh gray tones, which will remove dull vision without appearing immature.

3.5cm Diamond Heel:

A more perfect wearing experience. The 3.5cm-high diamond-shaped heel is more stable than the child's heel, and girls will feel more secure in wearing it, and they will not feel uncomfortable if they wear it for 8 hours or more a day.

Soft Knit Material:

The most common problem with general knitted shoes is that they are too soft and too elastic. After wearing for a period of time, the deformation problem gradually develops, but Karol Knit's knitting takes this problem into account, and selects the most balanced knitting after selection.

Full shoe integrity:

The insoles, heels, and straps are all in the same color, with higher integrity and less flawed bottoms.

Avocado Green:

 2020's hot color, full of fashion and personality, low-key and mysterious but more eye-catching.

Sand color:

Tranquil sand is best for girls who love simplicity but don't want to wear only white.

Cream White:

Girls who are particularly fond of white shoes will see that the white of this Creamy is sweeter than the ordinary white.

Dark pink:

Pink has always been rampant in the women's clothing world, this dark pink is slightly more mature than the general bright color, but it does not lose the girly atmosphere.

Earth color:

 Earth tone is a highly topical word in the fashion industry of girls recently. This color closest to nature is neither cold nor hot, giving people a trustworthy feeling.

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全新 Karol Knit 擁多款新亮點,
Mary Jane 經典鞋型,


但 Karol Knit 的針織則考慮到這個問題,


對白鞋子特別鍾情的女生,會看出這種 Creamy 的白色比一般單白更 Sweety。





3.5cm 鑽石型鞋跟

3.5cm 高的鑽石型鞋跟比幼身高跟更平穩,
一日穿 8 小時甚至更多也不會感到不適。

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