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Kasey Flats - Nude (BEIN)
Kasey Flats - Nude (BEIN)
Kasey Flats - Nude (BEIN)
Kasey Flats - Nude (BEIN)
Kasey Flats - Nude (BEIN)

Kasey Flats

Nude (BEIN)

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Product Info

Summer exclusive rainbow! Kasey Flat skin tone,

Take you to feel the cool and pleasing beauty, especially the straps and shoe shape, wear a girl's vitality and beauty.

"Every step you take is full of good breath, from head to toe is naturally good, just like your makeup."

Product Details

Beautiful skin color system
Color is one of the most important considerations for many girls to choose shoes.

Therefore, the shoes launched this time are specially tailored to design several summer-exclusive skin color systems.

Each one is high-spirited, easy to match but brightens up the look.

Small color matching design
The pointed position of the toe has specially created a layered color matching,

The thin translucent white is like a small cloud, bringing out the soft and bright feeling of summer.

Half open shoe shape
S Curve can subtly improve the beauty of girls' feet,

The open shoe shape can achieve a high degree of ventilation, and with an S-shaped strap, it is more difficult to loosen.

Anti-scratch foot effect
Although the shoe shape is semi-open, the heel is still specially designed to prevent scratches.

In order to ensure that the weight is not only entrusted to the second half, plus the ultra-micro high heels, it has a slightly slimmer effect.


Code count:34 - 42



light apricot
Slightly retro, but with vibrancy.

fog grey
The color like the sea echoes the coolness of summer.

The most Girly most beautiful, sweetheart's choice.

milk white
Plain color tone, elegant and noble


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