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Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )
Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )
Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )
Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )
Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )
Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )
Kath Tassel - Dark Grey ( DGY )

Kath Tassel

Dark Grey ( DGY )

$300.00 $690.00

每次推出經典不敗的樂福鞋,我們都希望盡量加點心思。 使其不變得沉悶,今次 Kath Tassel 沿用第一代皇牌Kath的設計, 但就加強鞋型的線條感及鞋墊的承托力。

This style is available in whole sizes only. In between sizes? we recommend you size up.


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Product Info

Every time we launch a classic undefeated loafer, we want to add as much thought as possible.

To make it not dull, this time Kath Tassel follows the design of the first generation ace Kath,

But it strengthens the line sense of the shoe shape and the supporting force of the insole.

Product Details

elegant office worker

Kath's design is inspired by the design concept of the Belgian classic shoe Belgium Loafer,

The British office men's wearing style runs through the feminine shoe style to achieve a neutral elegance.

special hanging clock

Different from the brand's past style that focuses on simple design,

The design of the Kath vamp adds a hanging clock as a decoration and an oval tongue to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the shoe.

Comfort configuration

Use high-quality soft-cured leather without grinding your feet.

With a 2.5cm heel height, there is absolutely no concern for everyday wear.

Small square head design

Created with clean lines, the small square head design balances leisure and fashion, so you can choose Kath Tassel anytime, anywhere.

Material:  leather material

Code count:34 - 42

Heel: 2.5cm (cm)



Light and grand feeling, leisure choice.

dark grey

Neutral choice, strong momentum.

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Kath 的設計靈感來自於比利時經典鞋履 Belgium Loafer 的設計概念, 將英式上班族男士的穿著風格貫穿於女性化的鞋款式,達至中性的優雅感。









用上高級別的軟熟皮革,絕不磨腳。 加上 2.5cm 後跟高度,絕無顧慮於日常穿着。

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