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Kedi Flats - Dark Grey (DGY)
Kedi Flats - Dark Grey (DGY)
Kedi Flats - Dark Grey (DGY)
Kedi Flats - Dark Grey (DGY)
Kedi Flats - Dark Grey (DGY)

Kedi Flats

Dark Grey (DGY)

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Product Info

The series of the same name, co-branded with local brand Kedi, highlights the small body straps and is a hot item that is close to the styling of Western girls. The ingenuity of the strap structure makes the foot lines of girls look better when they are worn.

Product Details

Tip Design: Slightly high-heeled pointed-toe shoes are an indispensable part of a girl's elegant style. They are simple and low-key, mature and natural, especially for girls who like to wear narrow bottoms. With Kedi, they are more light and extravagant.

Flawless heightening effect: Wearing light shoes with slightly raised heels will make the effect even higher. Especially for shoes with a low degree of wrapping, because more instep area needs to be exposed, increasing the height will make the foot shape better.

Strap Aesthetics:The soft and close-fitting straps are the main highlight of Kedi. The developed straps are guaranteed to be comfortable enough. In addition to sneakers, ladies will also like the more feminine styles here.

Friendly on many occasions:2.5cm high heels are suitable for work, weekends, and appointments. Basically, they are enough for all occasions. It is definitely a choice for all kinds of matching.

fog blue: Cool dark colors are more resistant to dirt and make the feet the most thin. If you prefer to wear dark colors in your daily style, you must choose them.

In the early autumn season, it is the coolest to wear off-white, and it looks best with jeans.

Nude: One of the most popular color schemes in recent years, it looks moderate and pleasant, pleasing to the eye and comfortable, and it looks general at work or out of the street.

Brown: The color like lip gloss is flat and natural, more resistant to dirt than khaki, and the effect on the feet is extraordinary.

Elephant Grey: Dark gray is a guarantee of confidence, it will not be too dark, and it will not be too light. It is just right and matches well.

Plain black: Black sandals are extra sexy when paired with jeans, bringing out a deep feminine beauty.


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