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Kedi Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Kedi Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Kedi Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Kedi Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Kedi Slippers - Beige (BEI)

Kedi Slippers

Beige (BEI)

$288.00 $590.00

Kedi Slippers 有別於其他聯盛系列的涼鞋, 以往我們比較慣性選用幼帶設計。

This style is available in whole sizes only. In between sizes? we recommend you size up.


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Product Info

angular lines

Put on the big square head and square upper to highlight the stronger intellectual beauty,

The Stiching design highlighted by the shoe body is slightly tough, but gentle and beautiful, with both rigidity and softness.

wide thick belt

Smart you will see at a glance, Kedi Slippers are different from other Liansheng series of sandals,

In the past, we used the baby belt design more inertialy, hoping to show,

There is more beauty in the female posture, this time a little change,

Including chunky buckles and grinding yarn buckles, hopefully the wide lines can bring another style.

comfortable sandals

The original intention of the same is to hope that even if comfortable,

But still a stylish slipper style, thick padding and 3.5 cm heel, a must-love combination.

Product Details


Code count:34 - 42 (one size too small)

Heel: 3.5cm


lotus root starch

Candy color represents, sweet and pleasant.

pure black

Versatile colors, can be worn until winter.

pale yellow

Fresh and warm, like a golden light in spring and summer, it is energetic and beautiful.

Rice white

Stable and reliable, it looks best with denim.

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換上大方頭及方形鞋面,以突顯較強悍的知性美, 鞋身突顯的 Stiching design 稍稍硬朗,但又溫柔美麗,剛柔並重。


聰明的你一眼便會看出,Kedi Slippers 有別於其他聯盛系列的涼鞋,













不變的初衷,就是希望可以製作出即使舒適, 但仍然可以很有型的拖鞋款式,厚墊及 3.5 cm 鞋跟, 必愛的組合。

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