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Kiff Oxford II - White (WHT)
Kiff Oxford II - White (WHT)
Kiff Oxford II - White (WHT)
Kiff Oxford II - White (WHT)
Kiff Oxford II - White (WHT)

Kiff Oxford II

White (WHT)

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Product Info

Kiff Oxford II

Upgrade materials, upgrade wearing experience! The texture on the leather can reduce obvious flower marks and make the shoes more resistant to soiling!

Product Details

Material:Vegetable leather (composed of resin) 

Heel:1.4cm (cm) high

Code count:34 - 42 (normal yardage)

Made of vegetable leather: Microfiber materials, collectively referred to as vegetable leather, are more environmentally friendly and more humane, and can even improve comfort, lower cost and more breathable, which is definitely the future trend.

Round body almond shoe design: The rounder body is one of the important directions we use to light up the word "Japanese". The almond-shaped shoe shape effectively makes the overall feel more youthful and enhances the youthful atmosphere, so as not to fall into the trap of old age and dullness. , the matching is relatively more flexible.

In wide shoes: Many oxford shoes in the market tend to be slender, so they may not be suitable for girls with wider feet. This time, our Japanese oxford shoes just take care of the needs of such girls, allowing you to wear the most suitable size for you. Buy a size larger for a wider vamp, which results in the shoe body being too long.

Guchen insole: What a beautiful appearance, it will be useless if you lack comfort after wearing it. As always, Kiff Oxford will take comfort as our core selling point.

Cool Black: Black oxford shoes are the most versatile. If you need to wear black shoes for work, they are definitely one of the solutions for your long-term standing.

Pearl White: White oxfords give the impression of a dream dress, bringing out a princess style, pleasing to the eye and temperament.

Light apricot: The safest choice other than black and white, Qian Xing is full of the feeling of rebirth in autumn, peaceful and extraordinary.

Dark brown: The retro color that is closest to the original oxford shoes, and one of the most collectible colors.

fog blue: The brand-new fog blue is full of cuteness and escape from the Japanese streets, with a little naughty and cute feeling.

Pink Green: Like fog blue, it is a color with a sense of summer vacation, which is a little more flamboyant, but not too vulgar.

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