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Knit Kross Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Knit Kross Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Knit Kross Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Knit Kross Slippers - Beige (BEI)
Knit Kross Slippers - Beige (BEI)

Knit Kross Slippers

Beige (BEI)

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Product Info

Knit Cross Slippers can also play with details,

Simple does not mean simple, just look at Knit Cross Slippers.

Product Details

Unique straight grain

The straight lines used this time are already very textured at first glance. In addition to having an elegant temperament,

Unexpectedly, it has its actual function, which is to help slender girls' feet and have more beautiful lines.

diagonal strap

The two three-dimensional diagonal straps can properly reveal the sexy instep and add vitality to spring and summer.

Ankle forefoot

It can flatten the needs of sexy, slender, etc., and can achieve a comfortable ankle bag forefoot width. Everything is just the right aesthetics.

candy color

After washing away the stagnation of the past, let the candy color system write a new chapter for spring and summer, and enjoy the sweet summer to the fullest.

Material: Knitted material

Yards: 34 - 42 (normal yardage)

Heel: 3cm (cm)


Avocado Green

The green trend continues, this season continues to be popular, knitted materials with green promotion!

Dark brown

It is dark and stable and can be worn until autumn.


Girls' favorite cotton color, such as the freehand brushwork on the cloud.

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