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Kozy Knit Heels - Khaki (KHK)
Kozy Knit Heels - Khaki (KHK)
Kozy Knit Heels - Khaki (KHK)
Kozy Knit Heels - Khaki (KHK)
Kozy Knit Heels - Khaki (KHK)

Kozy Knit Heels

Khaki (KHK)

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Product Info

The Kozy Knit Heel slippers are soft footing, breathable and dry, perfect for a leisurely spring walk.

Sven Appearance: The simple line appearance adds a sense of cleanliness, and the knitted material is smooth and decent, and there is no problem in wearing it to work.

Straight Stripes: Don't think it's just for appearance design! Linear stripes can have the function of slender feet.

Insole Consistency: The same color insole can integrate the visual effect, and it seems that it will help to enhance the high-end feeling slightly.

Solid wood heels: Solid and high-quality solid wood heels are more expensive and more noble, and the most important thing is to make you walk more steadily.

Product Details

Material::Knitted fabric

Code count:34 - 42

Heel: 3.5cm

Beige:Smooth and soft for a sheep-like comfort.

Dark blue:With style and personality, dark blue is always the choice of the mean.

Brown:A brown color that brings a sense of security, mature and stable, and is the favorite of light mature women.

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