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Krisse Tweed Slippers - Nude (BEI-N)
Krisse Tweed Slippers - Nude (BEI-N)
Krisse Tweed Slippers - Nude (BEI-N)
Krisse Tweed Slippers - Nude (BEI-N)
Krisse Tweed Slippers - Nude (BEI-N)

Krisse Tweed Slippers

Nude (BEI-N)

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Product Info

To wear the coolness of spring and summer, a pair of textured slippers is indispensable.

Coupled with the combination of unique materials, it wears a niche style and is naturally more unique.

Product Details

high-end everyday

High-end does not have to be luxurious, high-end can also be very everyday,

Let's see if the items you are carrying can be just right and elegant.

What Krisse wants to bring out as a whole is to use tweed belts instead of general materials.

In addition to being general enough, it is also a kind of soft cooked material.

Integrated color system

Compared with the playfulness of color matching, choosing an integrated color system will be more square and neat.

Square head design

The square head design has always been the direction we are going, because the square head can support the toes well,

It will not expand the area of the toe cap, just a piece of support, and will not produce redundant places that obstruct the vision.

comfortable slippers

Even slippers are the most comfortable slippers, with a thick cushion that is soft enough to support.

The 3 cm high heel can add height and slimness, yet is comfortable enough to let you walk confidently.


Code count:34 - 42

Heel:  3cm



White tweed, uncontaminated by the world, is pure enough to present the beauty of the material.

grey blue

It's a little denim, a little wild, but it's the most fashionable and modern.

Rice white

Good lining easy-going, natural freehand.

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