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KaYi Flat - Charcoal
KaYi Flat - Charcoal
KaYi Flat - Charcoal
KaYi Flat - Charcoal
KaYi Flat - Charcoal

KaYi Flat



Product Info

KaYi Flats's common design, the designer has greatly changed the materials and accessories, so that you could carry a cool feeling in the hot summer, even if they are casual, they're well thought.

KaYi is named because of the iconic style of the shoe, just like everyone has a friend named KaYi by her side. Although its name is simple, it does not lose its uniqueness, and this is the message that the designer wants to express.

Product Details

Color matching double belt design; One can modify the foot surface, and the other can prevent loosening. With careful color matching, the ordinary Ka-Yi becomes unique.
Material selection of hemp; Lightweight hemp is used to ensure high air permeability and comfort.
Anti-abrasive design; The heel Cushion is added to give you a comfortable experience.
Limited in 6 colors; All colors are also carefully designed to match different items while casual.
Size 35-42; 8 yards are specially set, so don’t worry about not being able to buy your pair.