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Kari Knit Heels - Nude
Kari Knit Heels - Nude
Kari Knit Heels - Nude
Kari Knit Heels - Nude
Kari Knit Heels - Nude
Kari Knit Heels - Nude
Kari Knit Heels - Nude

Kari Knit Heels



Product Info

In the first season of 2021, for the first hit single product series, we chose to review the past and then make variations, which led to the birth of Kari Knit, which is a combination of the ace knit shoe Karol Knit mixed with the constant Kari Heel The advanced style combines the most perfect details of the two, and the soft material edging can greatly reduce the risk of scraping your feet.

In terms of color matching, chocolate and deep sapphire blue are added this time. The mature and stable tones make people reliable and practical, and they are mainly used by young working people.

Product Details

Arch support; The addition of cushion to the arch position can greatly reduce the fatigue caused by standing or walking, and can also ease the condition of flat feet.

Soft knitted materials; The most common problem of general knitted shoes is that they are too soft and too elastic. After wearing for a period of time, the deformation problem gradually arises, but Karol Knit's knitting takes into account this problem. After selection, choose the most balanced knit.

Cushion Pad on the heel; Latex edging is added to the heel to improve the feeling of grinding.

4cm comfortable high heel; Use a thinner thick heel design for the heel, which can keep your center of gravity in every step without losing fashion.

Avocado green; It continues the craze of the previous year and is still a hot color, full of fashion and personality, but the light pink color is more eye-catching.
Sand color; Quiet sand is best for girls who love simplicity but don’t want to wear only white.
Cream white; Girls who are particularly fond of white shoes will see that this Creamy white is sweeter than ordinary white shoes.
Dark pink; Pink has always been rampant in the women's clothing industry. This dark pink is slightly more mature than the general bright color, but it does not lose the girlish air.
Dark sapphire blue; The color closest to the royal family and nobles, suitable for dark people who taboo black.
Chocolate coffee; Simple and original, if you love the natural style that is true and unmodified, chocolate coffee will be your choice.