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Karol Knit - Avocado
Karol Knit - Avocado
Karol Knit - Avocado
Karol Knit - Avocado
Karol Knit - Avocado

Karol Knit



Product Info

A new variation of the Karol model. After the previous generation of Karol Linen Sandals was well received, we continue to surprise Korner Girls by using innovative materials.

The new Karol Knit has a variety of new highlights, including the Mary Jane classic shoe model, which is one of girls’ favorite evergreen models. It is extremely convenient for daily wear or attending different occasions. It can show the general appearance at work or daily proper.

The most special thing is that Karol Knit abandons the materials commonly used in general shoes, and innovatively selects soft knit as the main material, so that the overall shoe body can be averaged between elasticity and non-variability.

Product Details

Pastel color series; A total of five colors, including avocado green, light apricot, cream white, dark pink, black and earth color, are all grayish and fresh tones, and will not look immature even if the dull vision is washed away.
3CM diamond-shaped heel; a more perfect wearing experience. Diamond heels with a height of 3 CM are more stable than those with tall heels. Girls will feel more secure when wearing them, and they will not feel uncomfortable if they wear them for 8 hours or more a day.
Soft knitted materials; The most common problem of general knitted shoes is that they are too soft and too elastic. After wearing for a period of time, the deformation problem gradually arises, but Karol Knit's knitting takes into account this problem. After selection, choose the most balanced knit.
Full shoe integrity; From the insole, heel, and straps, the uniform color is used to achieve higher integrity and reduce bottom defects.
Avocado Green; The hot color of 2020, full of fashionable personality, low-key and mysterious but more eye-catching.
Sand color; Quiet sand is best for girls who love simplicity but don’t want to wear only white.
Cream white; Girls who are particularly fond of white shoes will see that this Creamy white is sweeter than ordinary white shoes.
Dark pink; Pink has always been rampant in the women's clothing industry. This dark pink is slightly more mature than the general bright color, but it does not lose the girly atmosphere.
Earth color; The earth tone is a highly topical word in the fashion world of girls. This color is the closest to nature. It is neither lukewarm nor cold, and gives people a trustworthy feeling.