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Karol Sandals - Beige
Karol Sandals - Beige
Karol Sandals - Beige
Karol Sandals - Beige
Karol Sandals - Beige
Karol Sandals - Beige

Karol Sandals



Product Info

Karol, a gentle, simple and natural girl.

When designing the style of SS20, the key words around are "natural, cool, simple, easy to line". Karol sandals are the key style of this season. The linen material is used to echo the theme of coolness, and the leather is added to make the design easier to line. Whether it is work or leisure, it can also handle it, and the lines of all pairs of shoes are also It is based on simplicity, mainly using leather and linen on the upper to modify your feet to make them look more slender and beautiful on the outside.

In order to echo the theme of nature, the color scheme is also based on plain color: white and gray brown as the main body, and the team has specially decorated with wood grain followed by embellishment to enhance the summer coolness of the design!

Product Details

Wood grain heel; The finishing touches on small details make it a casual look.
Using natural Linen; Who said that texture only appears on big brands? Using all natural hemp material, the texture is full.
Wide the pointed toe; The toe is widened, so don’t worry about the presser foot!
Metal accessories; Golden accessories add a feminine beauty.
Leather wrap to prevent abrasion of feet; Afraid of abrasion? Don't be afraid, wrap the edges with leather to take care of your every step.
Exquisite and fashionable color matching; Simple but not simple, wear your summer style.