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Kasual Slippers - Beige
Kasual Slippers - Beige
Kasual Slippers - Beige
Kasual Slippers - Beige
Kasual Slippers - Beige

Kasual Slippers



Product Info

For the time being, it is the most comfortable one among all shoes. It is not easy to make a pair of slippers that can be stylish enough for everyday wear. Kasual, who supported the design with three baby straps, did just that. Good-looking and unique, without sacrificing comfort.

Product Details

Comfortable and comfortable: Although the four seasons in Hong Kong are not distinct, and most of the time buying shoes may not be divided into seasons, but when summer comes, a pair of good slippers can always look different from sports shoes. Kasual's main selling point is ventilating, and the design is simple and stylish, making it most suitable for street use in summer.

Plant leather: Made of plant suede, it is breathable and humane, and the cost is low. As a pair of summer-limited slippers in your shoe cabinet, you will find that the price/performance ratio is actually very high with different selling points. . Coupled with our free waterproof spray service, you can further protect your slippers.

Latex insoles: Slippers are often made of thin materials, which will greatly reduce the comfort experience. In view of this, we add latex cushions to the insoles, hoping to make them as clean as possible. The comfort can still be maximized.

Fashion style: The design of the three straps is more fashionable than ordinary flip-flops. In addition to enhancing the style of the style, it is more important to greatly reduce the feeling of laziness, plus future fashion trends There are many slippers elements, a pair of different slippers can definitely make a difference.

Sand color: Sand slippers have a more mature feel. If you want to attend some occasions that require a mature look, you can choose sand color.

Avocado Green: Needless to say, the charm of avocado green is popular almost all year round, and it is popular with any item.

Orange: One of the most eye-catching colors, summer makes people excited, it is inevitable that there will be moments when you want to be high-profile and outstanding. This orange-red is the most powerful representative.

Light blue: A relatively mild fresh color, on the one hand youthful and vigorous, on the other hand, it is natural and beautiful, and it is a more basic fresh color.

All black: The representative of style and low-key, simple.