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KaYi Single - Beige
KaYi Single - Beige
KaYi Single - Beige
KaYi Single - Beige
KaYi Single - Beige
KaYi Single - Beige

KaYi Single


$33.00 $65.00

Product Info

KaYi Single is a variation version of KaYi Flats. Two straps are changed into one. The autumn and winter texture suede is used as the theme. The straps are matched with the same color leather. The overall shoe body is as dreamy as ballet shoes. It is definitely autumn and winter. A must-have for office workers.

Product Details

2cm high heel; The 2cm shallow high heel brings out a girlish femininity, the most suitable height.
Autumn and winter limited color matching; The four colors are all limited to autumn and winter, and the colors change at the same time when changing seasons, which implies the changing of the four seasons.
Leather lining; More outer wear and sturdiness, allowing the shoes to last longer.
Wood grain heel; The natural wood-tone heel completes the integrity of the shoe and brightens the beauty of the entire pair of shoes.
Black; Black velvet is sexy and mysterious. Even black, it is different because of this special material.
Blue; The velvet blue like aristocratic, the festive feeling is strong, it is the blue that makes people fall in love at first sight.
Gray; Relatively restrained gray, it gives people a sense of stability and peace.
Khaki; The velvet texture feels heavy in winter, and khaki just neutralizes the feeling of cold winter, just like a sweater in winter, it makes people very warm.