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Kenni II Leather Loafer - Creamy White
Kenni II Leather Loafer - Creamy White
Kenni II Leather Loafer - Creamy White
Kenni II Leather Loafer - Creamy White
Kenni II Leather Loafer - Creamy White

Kenni II Leather Loafer

Creamy White


Product Info

Kenni II is one of the designs that we are proud of. We have spent a lot of effort on the shape of the toe. The Loafer toe in the market is too sharp, otherwise it is too square and difficult Grasp the moderate positioning of everyday and dignified shapes.

Kenni II, in consideration of the hope that all users can match the outfits for different occasions, specially selected the most appropriate small square head design. When Loafer shoes are developing rapidly, we hope to launch a piece that is simple but really pleasing to the eye.

Product Details

Small square toe design; Too sharp and round toe caps make it impossible for many girls to start when choosing Loafer. This time we launched Kenni II to solve this problem. After many improvements, we selected it. The most suitable small square head design.
Slip-resistant sole; Although it is a shoe that is more suitable for wearing on sunny days, considering that Hong Kong occasionally has inexplicable ground slip, the raw rubber sole is selected for non-slip function.
Inner heightening function; The function of heightening does not need to be explained. One of them is the gospel for girls. The inner heightening can make your legs look more slender. The internal enhancement function of 2.5CM can be said to win the market.
Put your toes tightly; In order to make the overall wearing experience more perfect, we deliberately lengthen the shoe design, which can better surround your ankles and greatly increase the sense of security.
Zero scraping experience; In addition to the insoles, softer materials are also used for the edging of the shoes to ensure that every girl can also have a zero scraping experience.
Environmentally friendly leather; The best match for denim colors, no matter how dark or light denim is, there is no difficulty in matching.
Beige; Off-white gives people a simple and simple feeling. It is suitable for girls who like light-colored dresses and has the most diverse matching methods.
Khaki; If you think the white is too monotonous, but you want to add a sense of ordinary freehand brushwork, milk tea khaki will be your best choice.
Dusty Pink; If you have always been a big fan of pink, this not too noisy lotus pink may become your latest favorite. Pleasant and quiet pink is not common, and you love pink Don't miss it.
Light Grey; Light gray that is one degree darker than white, it is most suitable for office wear, not too bright but not dull gray
Charcoal; The cool dark gray is the darkest among the seven choices, and it is more stylish and mysterious.
Greenish Brown; The most innovative color, specially formulated to be darker but with some distinctive greens. It is not unique that can be easily seen by the naked eye, but requires more attention. Only to discover the beauty.