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Kilo Sneakers - Light Grey
Kilo Sneakers - Light Grey
Kilo Sneakers - Light Grey
Kilo Sneakers - Light Grey

Kilo Sneakers

Light Grey


Product Info

The first sneakers made by Korner family, Kilo means kilometer, hoping that through the comfort of sports shoes, you can accompany the guests on the self-made road. In terms of styling, we chose to use spring, summer, autumn and winter, mainly comparing pastels and fantasy sports pink. The brand continues the image of a vibrant girl. The slender shoe design will make the local feminine.


Product Details

Dreamy colors
Most girls choose sports shoes, and their color matching will be a major consideration. The Korner's first sports shoes developed this time also feature color as the highlight, hoping to use a rare girlish sneaker on the market as the main selling point. Four Although the colors of the models are different, they also tend to be soft in midsummer, which is full of holiday feeling.

Ultra-comfortable insole technology
Before the brand launches any shoes, the most stringent quality control must be the comfort level. Although many sports shoes use air cushions as a comfortable selling point, the performance of the insoles is also very important. This time we have specially selected a comfortable and breathable insole that allows you to walk at least 1,000 kilometers.

Slender shoe shape
Most of the popular sports shoes in the women’s market are not designed according to the shape of girls’ feet. Most of them are just sports shoes with women’s sizes. However, Kilo has undergone many improvements and is truly based on the shape of girls’ feet. Designed, so we will deal with girls’ fear that their sneakers are too round or too dull. Even if girls wear sneakers, they can be slender and good-looking.

Boosting effect
To make your sports shoes look good, the slightly heightening effect is even more powerful. Kilo with the 3.5cm height increase function will make your legs look longer when worn. The suede made of plant fibers is not just a good-looking sports shoe.