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Kleo Heels II - White
Kleo Heels II - White
Kleo Heels II - White
Kleo Heels II - White
Kleo Heels II - White
Kleo Heels II - White

Kleo Heels II


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Kleo II: A convenient, elegant and comfortable choice.

The Kleo II, a popular high-heeled shoe, is back again.

Kleo II adopts a back empty drawstring design, wearing shoes with buckle straps, greatly improving the problem of scraping feet. Stepping on a pair of high heels, the length of the calf will have a visually obvious sense of lengthening, and the exposed instep will also become a part of the leg length, making the legs look more slender. The slightly pointed toe design can enhance the pedicure effect~

Kleo II uses a 4 cm (1.5 inch) thick heel design. The designer believes that this is the most suitable heel height for Asians. This height is easy to walk and durable. Even if you wear high heels for the first time, you can adapt instantly.

Product Details

Micro-pointed toe and thick heel design; Want to enhance the pedicure effect, many people will choose pointed shoes. The Kleo II micro-pointed toe and thick heel design can balance comfort and beauty!

Kleo II rear empty drawstring design; The rear empty drawstring design, with light gold fasteners, can freely adjust the tightness, not afraid of scraping your feet, and is convenient to wear, whether casual or formal wear. Your needs.

Add dark pink; It is a hot and gentle style, so how can pink be absent! This year, we will add a dark pink with a sense of maturity, which is convenient for matching different items.

Milky; White is easy to match, especially in summer, it can bring a cool feeling, I believe no one will dislike a pair of white shoes.

Beige; Clothes of ever-earth color can give people a gentle feeling, and beige can be more easily matched with clothes of this color, adding gentleness.

Mid Grey; strong> light gray, dark brightness values ​​in the middle and recommend it to people who like to cool outfit

Dusty pink; Deep pink combines the enthusiasm and energy of red and the purity and innocence of white, bringing vitality, youth and gentleness.

Size 34-42; strong>