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Kloud Slippers - Blue
Kloud Slippers - Blue
Kloud Slippers - Blue
Kloud Slippers - Blue
Kloud Slippers - Blue

Kloud Slippers



Product Info

The corrugated horizontal-strap slippers have a elegant feeling, which feels like a little sweetheart who doesn't like to follow the rules but is delightful. As the name suggests, Kloud has a lightness like a cloud layer, coupled with the wrinkle effect of multiple adjustments, to ensure the most natural and beautiful results, even slippers can have a texture.

Product Details

Comfortable and wide-faced design: Asian ladies generally have wider feet, so in the process of designing slippers, we must consider how to help them decorate. The greatest thing about the comfortable upper design this time is that it can cleverly hide the positions that girls don't want to expose, so as to show a better-looking foot shape.

Perfect wrinkle effect: Generally, the memorials can be divided into different degrees, but it may not be the most perfect. After many tests, we have found the most perfect wrinkle effect. , The size and hardness are moderate, and it will not reduce the comfort while looking good.

Micro-square toe: Is the biggest problem in designing slippers? Too wide will affect the look and feel, and too narrow will affect the comfort, so we also chose a square toe when designing the toe The design not only supports the toes completely, but also has a more mature beauty.

Summer color matching: As a spring and summer shoe, vitality is a major element. Kloud is like a white cloud in summer, with different gradient double colors, which is most suitable for you who are full of girlish hearts. , Dancing in the midsummer.

Avocado Green: Green is like grass, imagining the comfort of walking on the grass, pleasing and refreshing. Must choose for those who are afraid of dullness.

Light blue: A color that most represents summer, it is refreshing and vigorous, just like a cup of summer drink without any difficulty in matching. Photogenic is also the best color.

Light apricot: The coffee-like combination is natural and special enough. If you don't want to be too exaggerated, but don't want to wear monotonous black and white, most of the guests will choose this one.

Pure white: Pure white single product, no one does not love, this white is so refreshing, it gives a neat impression.