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Komfy Mid Heels - Beige
Komfy Mid Heels - Beige
Komfy Mid Heels - Beige
Komfy Mid Heels - Beige
Komfy Mid Heels - Beige

Komfy Mid Heels


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Product Info

Newly designed in the first season of 2021, mid-heeled shoes with the most details, including a small square toe. Wider than the general pointed toe and a unique V-shaped opening, which has a sense of design and greatly improves comfort. The stitches on top of the upper highlight simple and fashionable aesthetics.

Product Details

Small-square toe: In 2021, the too pointed toe cap is out of date. In addition to high discomfort, it is also one of the symptoms of aging. In addition to the small-square toe cap In addition to being more comfortable, it also shows the beauty of maturity, and it is closer to the trend of Korean style.

Made of all sheepskin: Real materials, durable and noble, while providing a more comfortable wearing experience, making shoes comfortable and durable.

V-shaped opening: The slightly unfolded upper is not purely for aesthetics, but to reduce the possibility of scraping the foot and increase the elasticity, so that it can follow the shape of the bare foot when walking.

Heel protection: Use soft, ripe sheepskin for heel protection to provide you with every step of comfort.

Thickened insole: The arch position is just right, the heel is 0.2 cm higher, and the 3 times thicker pad is used for a more perfect wearing experience. It is not a problem to wear one pair for ten hours.

Cream White: Cream White will always have her fans, pure and flawless, cute and dreamy.

Latte Apricot: It is like a hot latte that is pleasing to the eye, gentle and quiet, the most photogenic color.

Extreme black: Introverted and calm black, strong and peaceful.

Caramel Brown: It looks like the color of the earth when the sun shines on it, and it is also the favorite of the heroine of a Korean drama.

Size: 35-42: The shoe body is too large, and the customer needs to buy one size smaller than the usual size.