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Kris Mary Jane - Beige
Kris Mary Jane - Beige
Kris Mary Jane - Beige
Kris Mary Jane - Beige

Kris Mary Jane



Product Info

In order to focus on the theme "Back to Classic" this time, we deliberately found a lot of styles that have been popular in the market to transform, the concept of new wine in old bottles, but we improved the old ones into designs that are more suitable for modern urbanites. . Kris Mary Jane is one of them.

Product Details

Mary Jane design: Only classics can take us further. Fashion is a cycle. Mary Jane has always been in the market. After every girl puts on his exclusive Mary Jane shoes, There will always be their own princess moments.

Gentle temperament: Mary Jane shoes are also the blueprint of many school shoes. The gentle temperament is undoubtedly, coupled with the Wingtip hollow pattern design, it is more feminine.

Convenient quick release button: To meet the needs of urbanites, quick release button is an indispensable part, and the beauty will not be delayed. With the heel Cushion, the comfort level is greatly increased.

An epoch-making single product: As early as 1920, the design of Mary Jane was very popular in Europe and America, with a history of more than 100 years. But when it was handed over to us, we added it to the elements needed in the new era, such as more comfort, using color-blocking combinations as an appearance, and quick release buttons.

Piano Black: All black design, classic and original, the best choice to return to the original shape.

Milky white: Put on the light gray milky white option, double layer gradual can make it look more girlish, and light-colored jeans are best to look at

Brown red: Mature and introverted, deeply hidden, brown red is not easy to hit the style, it is exclusive for unique girls.