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Kris Oxford - Black
Kris Oxford - Black
Kris Oxford - Black
Kris Oxford - Black
Kris Oxford - Black

Kris Oxford



Product Info

If you want to choose the most elegant shoe in The Korner, it is Kris Oxford! An Oxford shoe with a long Wingtip toe design, using patent leather and colored leather as the main material, with a sense of campus and dress, which can bring out the most academic style. Modern Classic is also an unbeaten design.

Product Details

Heel Cushion: The Oxford shoes in the market are generally thick and shaved, and may not be suitable for daily wear. We add the self-developed heel Cushion, and it will not be a problem to live all day, even It is possible that you wear the most comfortable dress shoes.

Highly flexible styling: Oxford shoes may generally give people an overly dignified feeling, but there are not many choices of fashionable design styles. Kris Oxford can provide a kind of flexibility to make your style more flexible. Not too formal, but there is a sense of ritual.

Literary style: Literary and artistic is a kind of accomplishment, an attitude, but all need to be thoughtful about styling. Wearing Kris Oxford with simple clothes can already bring out a kind of literary atmosphere.

High cost performance: Most of the Oxford shoes with Wingtip design in the shops are expensive. The Kris series is affordable and comfortable, making it the best choice.

Piano Black: The piano black with patent leather is the most original Oxford shoes, the real Modern Classic.

Beige: Compared with Girly, it neutralizes the dignified feeling with the feeling of forest.

Milk white: The white Oxford shoes that emerged relatively recently are the most immortal.

Dark Brown: The smaller choice of dark brown Oxford shoes in the market, this kind of brown neutral warm close to chocolate, looks smooth and beautiful to wear.