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Kris Sandals - Black
Kris Sandals - Black
Kris Sandals - Black
Kris Sandals - Black
Kris Sandals - Black

Kris Sandals



Product Info

Kris Sandals can be said to be a big surprise in this new collection! The workmanship of Roman sandals is very elegant, and the old effect is not easy to grasp. The team spares no effort to use Italian leather and vintage shoe buckles, and the price is also very pleasant. It is a real Affordable Fashion.

Product Details

Superior leather: Made of materials imported from Italy and made of all leather, it presents the perfect effect of Roman sandals.

Naturally made old: A pair of excellent Roman sandals, the buckle is also the most noticeable place for guests. Kris Sandals uses quick-release buckles, which has a strong vintage taste and a perfect match.

Slim shoe shape: In order to show the shape of girls' feet more perfectly, the design is deliberately changed the shape of the shoes to be more slender, which is more suitable for the popular feet of Asian women, and even effectively modifies the wide-footed guests.

High cost performance: Roma sandals are expensive to make. Kris Sandals is comfortable, affordable, good on the feet, and a combination of all-leather, you can start without any worries!

Beige: Khaki Roman sandals are relatively rare, and customers may or may not be able to find them in the market, so we specially launched them. Respond to market needs.

Brown: Brown has the heaviest sense of retro, and it is a must for those who love Vintage.

Pure black: The original Roman sandals look like the one that fits best with the copper buckle.