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Kurve II Loafers - Misty Blue
Kurve II Loafers - Misty Blue
Kurve II Loafers - Misty Blue
Kurve II Loafers - Misty Blue
Kurve II Loafers - Misty Blue
Kurve II Loafers - Misty Blue

Kurve II Loafers

Misty Blue


Product Info

The second round-toed shoe model after Kurve, Kurve II uses extra-soft vegetable fiber leather as the main material. It feels soft and comfortable after getting on the foot, but it is close to the foot without hurting the foot. It is also very good for standing or walking for a long time. Suitable for. The Japanese-style shoe body cut is more dynamic and youthful.

Product Details

Suitable for many occasions: This simple-designed shoe is suitable for office workers or casual guests, and any trousers or skirts can be easily matched, with a gentle and low-key style, but Unconventional.

Soft vegetable leather: Like Kiff, it uses extra-soft vegetable leather, which is very light and fits the feet, and has the highest barefoot feeling.

Scratch-resistant heel: Special soft leather is used for the heel position, which greatly reduces the feeling of grinding.

Japanese-style design: Compared with ordinary flat shoes, this one is more round and curvy and has a Japanese-style feel. It's cute and not too girly.

Color: Milky White/ Nude / Mist Blue/ Elephant Grey
Milky White: The unobtrusive and over-white white, pleasing to the eye and refreshing. It looks best with summer jeans.

Nude: Compared with the light khaki nude color with a little pink, it is more energetic and moderate. It is the most girly choice among the four colors.

Mist blue: Compared with the general dark blue, it brings a foggy feeling, and the slightly gray tone is a bit mysterious and melancholy, which is more stylish.

Elephant Grey: Elephant Grey is the favorite for choice difficulties, but it is a light and not too dark color, which is basically the best lining of the four colors.