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2023 Sep New Arrivals

Karin Chelsea Boot

Karin Chelsea Boot

The smart and neat tailoring silhouette can easily create a fashionable style for urban women.

Made of eco-friendly leather and equipped with rubber bands on the side of the shoe, it is suitable for girls with different leg types.

The purpose is to produce a pair of perfect boots that every girl will look good wearing.

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Keva Zip Boot

Keva Zip Boot

Keva Zip Boots are a pair of short boots that make your legs look more beautiful.

The shoe body is designed to fit snugly around the ankle, making it easier for you to control your center of gravity and pace.

The effect of lengthening and modifying the foot shape.

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Knee Suede Boot

Knee Suede Boot

The smart and neat tailoring silhouette can easily create the fashion style of urban women.

The opening design on the back side of the shoe is highly tolerant, but at the same time achieves a close-fitting effect.

It has enough elasticity and is stable enough at the same time, making it the most comfortable combination.

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Kurve Suede

Kurve Suede

The approachable and practical Kurve Suede is a must-have pair of flat shoes for every girl.

The appearance is simple, and the design focuses on its comfort. It is made of cowhide and suede.

The material fits your feet perfectly, and the cowhide leather is breathable and warm, making you feel like you are barefoot.

In every busy day, wearing Kurve Suede will alleviate your worries ~

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Karin Heels

Karin Heels

Karin Heels with slightly pointed toe and high heels are a statement of momentum and have a neat shape. They are a must-have shoe for Girl Boss.

The shoe body is made of high-grade cowhide, which gives you an upgraded skin-to-skin feel, giving you full confidence and comfort.

The ductility has been improved again, making it more durable and showing the warm luster of cowhide, allowing you to shine with confidence in every move you make.

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Karin Oxfords

Karin Oxfords

The round-toed Oxford shoes adopt a simple design, and the shoe body has a pure leather texture.

There are no too many fancy embellishments, and the overall lines remain clean and neat.

The moderate heel height of 4cm and the thick heel ensure fashionable beauty and support.

Karin Oxford's simple and elegant designs are sure to become your daily must-have fashion items.

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Klip Stripe Sandals

Klip Stripe Sandals

Sweet and comfortable high-heeled sandals, soft and fit the shape of the foot, making the feet feel extremely comfortable.

3 cm heel, not too low and not too high, is the perfect balance of style and comfort.

The element of pearl design is added this time, and there is a strand of pearl ribbon decoration in the middle of the instep.

It looks sweet and cute, adding a bright pop of color to the whole pair of shoes.

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Kassel Buckle Loafers

Kassel Buckle Loafers

A pair of Loafers with a double insole, soft and smooth leather, and a great texture.

It fits your feet without pinching them, and you won't feel any discomfort if you wear them for a long time.

Wearing it on your feet is as natural as a second skin, and it is an indispensable good partner for long-term standing!

The versatile and stylish silhouette is perfect as an everyday loafer or on-the-go.

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Karol Stripe Sandals

Karol Stripe Sandals

Stylish and practical pointed sandals Karol Stripe Heels

A collection of all the features a woman could dream of, allowing you to spend every day with elegance and comfort.

The perfect 3.5 cm heel allows you to walk easily while enhancing the proportion of your figure.

Whether it's going to work or dating, as long as you have a pair of sandals, you can easily control various occasions.

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Kurve Heels

Kurve Heels

Ultra-comfortable shoe that hugs the shape of your foot with clean lines.

Made of full cowhide leather, the softness is moderate, and the feet will not be tired after wearing it all day long.

The design focus is on its comfort and convenience,

Continuing the simple design of the Kurve series,

Win your heart with comfort and versatility.

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The Korner - Shop Women's Shoes Easily Online

For girls, no matter how ingenious the matching of the upper body is, a pair of well-prepared women's shoes is still essential.

Wearing different women's shoes on different occasions can bring completely different feelings. Let's take a look at the different combinations of women's shoes and recommend a series of highly rated women's shoes from The Korner brand!

"All-match" style, versatile women's shoes

Among the many styles of women's shoes, the flat sole is the most "all-match" style of women's shoes in Hong Kong. Typically crafted in gorgeous materials such as satin, patent leather, or sequins, these women's shoes are tapered and flattering. You can wear it at work or at a dinner party with your sisters. If you occasionally need to attend a formal occasion or even an interview, just put on these women's shoes and you can easily make an appearance!

Why do you say that these women's shoes are very "all-match"? Because in addition to work or formal occasions, the color matching and design of some flat shoes in Hong Kong are also very suitable for girls who take the casual style route. This women's shoe allows you to walk through the process with dignity, and it's very versatile.

Flat women's shoes in Hong Kong can be worn in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, if you are attending a wedding, it is best to wear women's shoes with a slightly higher height. In terms of matching, an elegant light pink dress with a pair of candy-colored women's shoes feels both youthful and playful and lively, suitable for girls who like Japanese-style outfits.

For a more casual look, trousers or skirts can be paired with a pair of bright beige or white women's shoes. The low-heeled design is suitable for general occasions. If you want to go outdoors, the style and size of this women's shoes will be relatively light and easy to walk. It is suitable for girls who like to go out and take pictures.

No longer just a "winter limited" women's shoe style

Boots always give people a "winter limited" feeling, but with the popularity of ankle boots, this women's shoe Hong Kong is also slowly appearing on the streets of summer or autumn. If you want to dress up carefully, you can wear a collarless shirt on the top, a long black skirt with a burgundy beret, and the black skirt and burgundy women's shoes have a wonderful balance of color matching, which can bring Great visuals.

Wondering where to buy women's shoes online, or a reputable brand of women's shoes? The Korner official website recommends different styles of women's shoes is your best choice.

Recommended Women's Shoes Brands for You - The Korner

As a Hong Kong women's shoe brand, we deeply understand the importance of a pair of comfortable women's shoes for local girls to enhance the overall outfit and comfort. Therefore, The Korner women's shoes are based on comfort.

In 2021, in order to keep pace with the times and keep up with market needs, our Hong Kong women's shoe brand will reposition The Korner. We have improved the online shopping service for women's shoes and re-examined the recommendation of women's shoes under the brand name. After the repositioning, we hope that more people will recognize The Korner as a women's shoe brand and recognize us as a dynamic, caring and genuine women's shoe brand.

Focus on the sustainability of the fashion industry

In addition to short-term goals, The Korner women's shoe brand has also launched Hong Kong series and styles of women's shoes with different materials such as Vegan (vegan), Semi Vegan (semi-vegan) and Knit (knitting) since 2019, in order to reduce the cost of damage caused by the environment. Starting from different links, such as recommendation of women's shoes, online shopping of women's shoes, etc., as a Hong Kong women's shoe brand with a sense of social responsibility, we hope to contribute to the environment and become one of the recommended brands of women's shoes with a sense of sustainable development. .

The Korner's women's shoes and shoes are made of cowhide and environmentally friendly resin fiber materials, making the shoes more comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. These details reflect our intentions as a women's shoe brand. We hope to be widely recognized locally. The shoe brand is the most considerate and professional in the online shopping of women's shoes and the recommendation of women's shoes, hoping to provide women's shoes Hong Kong customers with a high-quality in-store shopping and online shopping experience.

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