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Have you ever thought that you can actually choose more and more humane materials? 🌿🍵
The Korner Green collection, launched this year, is made with the greatest amount of non-leather materials,
These include knitted, hemp, kapok and vegetable leather.
The material used in the three shoes is quite breathable and comfortable, suitable for summer wear. 
Each style is a balance of comfort and material to achieve the best results.

Karla Square Sandals

The square-toed Mary Jane has character and is generous at the same time. A choice of colors like sweetheart, one has to love.

🔗Karla Square sandals

Koni Linen

The hemp material can bring out the natural beauty best, and the comfort is further improved than the leather version of the Koni!

🔗Koni linen

Konty Sandals

The most eye-catching of the princess-like single product Konty Sandals is the color-blocking edge! The super vibrant color-blocking will make you exude vitality in spring and summer.

🔗Konty sandals

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