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Enthusiasm can go fast, But don't forget the original intention to go further.
This is what The Korner has always believed.

The Korner plans to invite three girls to talk with photos this time. 
Not a word is a signal.
Move forward, stay true to your original intention.
Wearing the stars and wearing the moon, you should also occasionally look back at the starting point.
Only by remembering why you set out can you always walk on the right path.  
Always listen to your inner self.

Knit Kross Slippers

Original simplicity is what many people have been pursuing. When you are tired, put on comfortable shoes and pursue your thoughts. Knit Kross' unique straight lines and a jump-off strap will energize you in spring and summer! Especially the avocado green Knit Kross Slippers are novel and have many good matching elements, which are the choice of modern girls 🥑

🔗Knit Kross Slippers

Krisse Tweed Flip Flops

To wear the coolness of spring and summer, a pair of textured slippers is indispensable. With the combination of unique materials, you can wear a niche style, which is naturally more unique and lights up your look.

🔗Krisse Tweed Flip Flops

Sandals Clip

Summer is to wear cloth belts! Feel the freewheeling lightness of Klip Sandals. Thick sandals with pointed toes are sometimes stylish, sometimes as clean as angels, and most importantly, full of summer style.

Sandles Clip

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